Cloud-based team management

Cloud-based team management

Atlas OKRs links managers, team leaders and individuals together to help drive collaboration, productivity and personal performance.

Want to become a great manager and get everyone on track with your organization's goals? Stay informed on your personal or team progress? Or give an accurate, data-driven performance review? Atlas OKRs makes it simple.

OKRs let you easily set up and monitor organizational or personal goals, and view your entire team’s progress from anywhere, with any browser, on any device.

Share OKRs
with everyone

With OKRs you have a clear view of the expectations you've set for yourself and your entire team — you get 100% transparency and accountability.

OKR Dashboard allows team members everywhere to quickly view each other’s progress and activities. Progress is available instantly as business OKRs are updated, and managers and teams can share feedback on the spot.

Dashboard indicators and email notifications help managers and team leads head off missed deadlines before they happen.

Share OKRs with everyone
Easily track & measure team performance

Easily track & measure team performance

Atlas' detailed reporting records progress from start to finish, making it easy to give not only real-time feedback, but provide effective performance reviews and professional development meetings.

Progress is measurable by both degree of completion and by activities performed. Every objective and its related milestones feature detailed descriptions and associated completion dates. Information is available to everyone involved, ensuring accountability and transparency for responsibilities.

Real-time team reports detailing employee OKRs and their progress are available at any time, generated directly from the application.

Built for every person
in nearly any industry

Atlas is built on a management framework that works across virtually every industry.

OKRs aren't only for the tech world. Healthcare, education, manufacturing, real estate, professional services — if it involves getting stuff done and organizing people, OKRs are for you.

Atlas grows to match your need. Whether setting personal fitness goals with OKRs Solo, managing a development workgroup with OKRs Pro, or reinvigorating a company with OKRs Enterprise, there's a version that is right for you.

Built for every person in nearly any industry

A powerful component of team management and job performance workflow applications

Atlas OKRs & Salesforce

Atlas OKRs & Salesforce

OKRs helps integrate team management and job performance into the #1 CRM Software. Your OKRs Status Dashboard is readily available under the Salesforce Home Tab, or place the entire OKRs website as a tab.

Atlas OKRs & Microsoft Workday

Atlas OKRs & Workday

Atlas adds depth to Workday’s HR functions, giving an increased level of clarity and detail to the performance goals that help drive employees’ performance evaluations.

37 Signals Basecamp

Atlas OKRs & Basecamp

Atlas OKRs improves Basecamp collaboration by helping team members get in alignment by understanding what the Goal of the project is, and clearly defines the Strategies and Milestones to get there. Atlas helps Basecamp team members work together more efficiently.

OKRs & Self Improvement

OKRs & Self Improvement

OKRs helps lead individuals through the goal-making process, and keeps them on track to get there. Atlas' step-by-step process delivers a well thought out plan and provides the tools to track you on your journey to realizing your full potential.

The simple, powerful management tool
that helps streamline your life.

Business, Personal, or Project goals? Atlas helps get you there.

Status quo is easy; NOT changing the way you do things will deliver the same results you have now. Change is more difficult, but the results are well-worth the effort. Atlas OKRs makes it easy to change and finally reach your goals by measuring and enjoying your success.

Manage your time, manage your team, and manage your life.

The foundation of a successful team is agreement and cooperation. Imagine how powerful an organization can be if every member of the group is working toward the success of agreed upon goals and is empowered with explicit strategies to exceed those goals. Atlas OKRs is a team-focused application that gives you the tools you need to be a great manager , lead a successful team, and achieve your goals.